The world is full with the modern mobile games to run on you android and IOS mobile phones. But what is the best game you should play? According to me Honkai impact 3 apk is the best mod apk game for you. You can easily download free Honkai impact 3 apk 2018 updated version from this blog. We are here to give you latest android mod apk of popular apps free of any cost. What you have to do is just to download Honkai impact 3 game apk file into your mobile and start playing with easy installation. Step by step installation guide is also given.

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Honkai impact 3 apk Introduction

Honkai impact 3 apk is the best action game with 3 dimensional graphical interface. The perfect story line and best animation characters make you addicted to this excellent quality game. In Honkai impact 3D game you are fighting with the Honkai beasts and zombies who are killing the human

civilization and no one is able to raise resistance against them. You are leading a small force of

female heroes and assigned mission to eliminate the attacking beast. You must lead your allied to


Honkai impact 3 apk version 2.6.0 update

In this new Honkai impact 3 v2.6.0 update the developers has really included some amazing features

to make Honkai impact 3 apk game unbeatable as compared to best android action game. Following

are the new updates in given in the Honkai impact 3 apk for android phones

 Herrscher of the Void and Kriegsmesser are the new characters ready for battle for you. You

can also customize the profile of your heroes in profile menu

 Open World Schicksal HQ is Unlocked

 Dimension Treasures are Unlocked in Honkai impact 3

 New in Valkyrie Chronicles

 Phoenix's Extra Story – The Forgotten

 Added a new batch of weapons and stigmata, this will prove amazing when it comes to

action against beasts and zombies

Brief of Honkai Impact 3 2.6.0 update

The brief summery of new featured and updation of previous in Honkai impact 3 is given in this

section of best android game apk 2018.

Honkai impact 3 and the Herrscher of the world

The herrscher power have been unveiled by transforming a Valkyrie into a new form more powerful

and stronger than previous. This can last long and still against the resistance. This will effectively kill

the Honkie beasts with impaling spears and brush all opposition aside. The outstading new battle

suits also superb.

Arctic Kriegsmesser and the Honkai impact 3 apk game

The burning temptress had her acquitted jiffies. The hard weather condition with icy past years had

shaped her appearance but stand firm with deployed Arctic Kriegsmesser – Himeko's A-rank

awakened combat suit.

Honkai Impact 3 android game Head quarter


In this new game update the open world HQ has been introduced the point where you get

instruction and all of your super heroes live here in HQ. Go and strike honkai and zombies like sky

had fallen to them.

Dimension Treasures in Honkai impact 3 android game

A new world also exists virtually beyond these realities. The dimension portals are new introduces

that make you rich while finding the lost treasures in Honkai impact 3 game. All those who think they

have unlimited imagination power this virtual world is real test for them.

Equipment Updates

key to victory is the high moral with perfect war equipment’s. You are given an option to update or

unlock the new weapons for your character this can prove mass destruction in you favour. So

keeping the long story short the honkai impact 3 apk has modern war equipment that can bind you

with this best android game for a longer period of time.

Celine: Ascendant – the mighty stigmata have resurfaced with the powers of fires and storms. All

these will help us in the Honkai War, Captain!


Honkai impact 3 apk is the best ever game for the kids and matures. The amazing graphical story

with hundreds of hidden secrets will give you twist while playing this on your android. This easy to

install and easy to play game is make for just download free honkai impact 3 apk updated

version for your mobile devices. So what are you waiting for go and rust to the victory your army is

waiting for your command.